Why I think being a Christian is the best thing ever....

I became a Christian when I was 15 years old; I was baptized at a tiny little church in Funston, GA. I remember reading scripture after that day, thinking "Wow, Jesus is talking about ME!". My spiritual life since then has been a series of mountain tops and valleys. Sometimes I feel really in tune with God; other times, He seems as foreign to me as someone I read about in People magazine--interesting but no one I really know.

However, no matter how I feel, I KNOW that knowing Christ and following after Him is the best thing ever and like Peter said..."To who would we turn? Where would we go?" There are no other alternatives left for me. There is simply no one like Jesus.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, I am really going to try this blogging thing for real. I think writing can be cathartic and a healthy way to express your joys, thoughts, ideas, and frustrations! However, I am famous for starting something and not finishing it (like Weight Watchers, exercise 3X per week, reading my bible faithfully, etc..) So, here goes nothing (literally) for today....

Today...I have been battling a testy little headache at work. Work is good but I am getting easily distracted which isn't hard with my attention span. The sun is shining but it's still VERY cold outside. I wish it were warmer but at least the days are getting longer. I am ready to start a real flower garden this spring and summer; however, please refer back to opening statement. I wonder if I'll have the grit and determination to start AND finish my gardening dreams and endeavors. HGTV makes it seem way too easy anyway...and I am sure I could have a designer backyard if I had a crew of about 20 people with a big TV production budget to match. Ha! But, I'll try it and see if it "sticks". I have the feeling that gardening is therapuetic. Pulling weeds and hacking at stubborn roots has got to make one feel pretty good, especially at the end of a long day. Holy cow...I've just written an entire paragraph on "gardening". What is up with me?

To end this pointless and meandering blog, I am going conclude with a description of the rest of today's itinerary. Tonight, I am to dine with donors and students at Berry's annual Scholarship Night with my sweet husband Joey. He's such a good sport to go along. (Don't tell him he doesn't have to go!) Hopefully, the food will be good and the evening will be short!

Also, I am skipping my scheduled run today due to aforementioned "testy headache". I really resent this headache because I have some good wine at home that I really want to enjoy.

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